Using the right debit card for international payment transactions can save you money

Do you want to steer clear of overseas payment transaction expenses and those high global ATM fees for cashing out? There are ways to go about it without having to exert a lot of effort. Using an advanced payment solution will make you get to save a lot of money when sending funds internationally or spending when you are in a foreign country.


Debit card 

Get a debit card in an international currency. If you have one, there will be no currency exchange rate that you have to deal with. The funds can be sent to your debit card and you can make an international payment transaction. There is a debit card that is offered by a reliable payment provider for you to be able to accept and send payments in Euros or US dollars.  If you totally dislike having to pay the high fees for sending international payments, you may want to use this card that doesn’t have a high fee rate for making purchases from distant places.

Transaction fees 

There are debit cards without those large overseas transaction fees that can save you cash even during the times that you’re not traveling. You may be charged an international transaction fee for your online shopping if the payment provider who will be the one to process your transaction only accepts payments in a certain currency. Before you sign up for a new payment method or a debit card, it’s crucial to consider how it might be able to save you money and suit your requirements.

Foreign currency 

Choose the foreign currency when you want to use your debit card for business deals with people who are overseas. You’ll frequently be faced with the choice to be charged in your own home currency. Rather than being charged in Euros, the payment transaction may be in US dollars. So, choose your international debit card according to what currency you frequently use such as Euro or USD.

Payment provider

The charge at which the payment provider maybe converting the foreign is usually worse than the rate that most banks will give you. Choose the right payment provider so you don’t have to deal with a loss from the foreign currency exchange and let your funds be sent to your USD or Euro debit card when it is possible so you do not have to make the conversion. You’ll get a better exchange rate and get to store some funds by using this international payment method

Credit cards

Avoid any foreign currency credit cards like the ones presented by certain financial companies as you might have to pay an exorbitant amount in charges. A debit card is better as you could pre-load money at a fixed exchange rate. The fees given by some credit cards are also sometimes very high and that they regularly have all sorts of additional expenses. Getting a debit card from the right payment provider is basically is not just attempting to expect a better the exchange rate but to be able to store your funds in either dollars or Euros.